New home photography covers a lot of businesses that could use professional photos to benefit their brand.  The group includes home builders, construction companies of all sizes, remodelers, pool builders, deck builders, landscapers etc.  So, its safe to say if you have anything to do with building new homes you are likely a good candidate for some new home photography.

I’ve shot new homes in the Oklahoma City and Edmond areas since 2003.  In this age of the internet which grows daily by leaps and bounds I am thrilled when people building new homes would rather use professional photography versus cell phone pics to show their work.

Why are pro photos more important now than ever?  Because MORE PEOPLE SEE YOUR WORK!  Your brand and the work you do is represented in what people see.  They’re seeing it on things like Facebook, Houzz, your website, Instagram, Pinterest, internet ads, print ads and a gazillion other places.  The ability viewers have to SHARE IMAGES means your work can be seen exponentially!

START THINKING LONG TERM VALUE.  Gone (mostly) are the days of running an image in a newspaper, magazine or trade publication and your image is gone in a month or months.  Today, images last forever. Literally.  I have builders who are using images I shot more than 10 years ago. They are using the photos on their own website and for marketing in various social channels.  Pro photos have a long shelf life and great value.

One last thing before I share some work.  I shoot with off-camera flash.  I do not use HDR methods.  Off-camera flash produces images of superior quality over HDR – more authentic, sharper, better color accuracy, better control over exposure from table lamps and hanging lights and beautiful window views.  Viewers will be inspired by your work rather than the results produced by a software program.

Muirfield Homes commissioned me to shoot this amazing property in Norman.  The builder intends to use the images for a Houzz project to demonstrate his student living design execution.  Awesome work with great finishes and features including desk built-ins for studying and a safe room to keep mom and dad’s babies safe during tornado season!

Norman New Home Photo of Elevation

Norman New Home Kitchen

Norman New Home Storm Shelter Photo

Norman New Home Hall to Staircase

Norman New Home Laundry Area

Norman New Home Bedroom

Norman New Home Bathroom Sink

Norman New Home Stair Railings

Norman New Home Kitchen Sink Photo

When Parson’s and Co. home builders contacted me they said they wanted to raise their game with professional photos.  They build specs and customs north of Edmond and were about to start a Houzz campaign.  We met and walked through two of their new builds to determine a game plan for how many photos they needed.  We picked 10 compositions for each home.  I impressed upon them my belief that the number of photos needed for any home is ONLY WHAT IS NECESSARY.  And that means only what is necessary to demonstrate the quality of your work, design tastes and overall execution.

New Home Photo of Porch in Guthrie.

New Home Dining Room Photo in Guthrie.

New Kitchen Photo in Guthrie.

New Kitchen Lights in Guthrie.

New Home Mud Room Photo in Guthrie.

Butler's Pantry Photo in Guthrie New Home.

Guthrie New Home Bathroom

New Home Elevation in Guthrie by OLife Photography

New Home Photo of Living Room In Guthrie.

Night Time Living Room In Guthrie.

New Home Photo of Kitchen in Guthrie.

Granite Close Up Photo in Guthrie.

New Home Back Splash In Guthrie.

New Home Photo of Dining Light In Guthrie.

New Home Entry Door Lighting in Guthrie.

Here’s nother AllenStyle home in Surrey Hills listed by Andrew Thomas of KW Central OK.  Photos of new homes in winter always run up against dormant grass and trees.  In can faux up an image as much as you want.  However, my first preference is to always represent a builder’s work as naturally and attractively as possible.  Is dormant grass pretty no.  However, viewers know that and home shopping they know exactly what they are looking at in terms of reality.  There’s no guess work in terms of what the house will look like when they show up to look at it.  HDR may add color to “winterized” images but what color is added, reality is taken away.

New Home Elevation in Surrey Hills

New Home Photo of Living Room In Surrey Hills

New Home Dining and Kitchen in Surrey Hills

New Home Kitchen Photo in Surrey Hills

New Home Photo of Kitchen and Living in Surrey Hills

The home below is a Parade Home in Edmond built by Davidson and Co.  It sits on a hill so I used a camera pole to get an elevated shot about 10-12′ in the air.  I didn’t want to shoot from my truck bed because the sod was so fresh.  The twilight at the bottom was shot from my truck bed at a later time after the sod had a chance to sit for a while.

New Parade Home Elevation

Edmond Parade Home Living Room

Edmond Parade Home Kitchen

Edmond Parade Home Formal Dining Room

Edmond Parade Home Master Bath

Edmond Parade Home Hall Bath

Edmond Parade Home Twilight

The following is a collection of several new homes by AllenStyle.  The Realtor selling the homes asked me to create a video which he could use for marketing purposes.  The video comes after these images so be sure to check it out.

Princeton Park New Home Addition

Princeton Park New Home 1 Front

Princeton Park New Home 1 Living Room

Princeton Park New Home 1 Kitchen

Princeton Park New Home 1 Master Bed

Princeton Park New Home Master Bath

 AllenStyle Home In Princeton Parke

AllenStyle Home Living Room

AllenStyle Home Kitchen

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