INTERIOR DESIGN PHOTOGRAPHY is some of the most rewarding photography I do not only for my Oklahoma City and Edmond clients but out of state clients as well.  It requires vision, planning, creative process and effective collaboration to achieve the desired results.

I’ve found the best interior design images require a pre-shoot meeting and walk-through.  This get-together makes sure every photo to be taken is planned out and approved.  This is helpful because the designer will be able to visually see the direction of the project and I know what look the designer wants to achieve.  You’re probably already aware of these great resources but if not be sure to check out the American Society of Interior Designers and Oklahoma’s ASID chapter.

If you need interior design photography services please contact me for a free estimate and we’ll start planning your project today!

This Edmond kitchen remodel by Lori Fleet Interiors turned out magnificently.  I collaborated with Lori to choose the best compositions that represent her work and aesthetics of her design.  We even chose an unconventional composition looking down from the counter into the cabinet drawers to demonstrate functionality.

Interior Design Photography of Edmond Kitchen

Interior Design Photography of Kitchen Faucet

Kitchen Interior Design Photogaphy

Interior Design Photography of Kitchen Functionality

Light, color and art come together beautifully in this Gallardia home built by Dave Goodman and featured in Luxiere magazine.

Gallardia kitchen interior design.

Gallardia top of stairs interior design.

Gallardia formal dining room.

Gallardia home lighting and design.

Designer Grant Mathiews does some amazing work.  While shooting for Luxiere Magazine I had the privilege of working with Grant for a feature piece by the publication.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and found the results equally rewarding!

OKC Interior Design Living Room

OKC Interior Design Sitting Area

Interior Design Wet Bar in OKC

Interior Design Living Room In Rose Creek

It’s not Interior Design per se but it is.  Does that make sense?  Lorec Ranch in OKC has a store full of western furnishing vignettes that homeowners and designers love.  Luxiere Magazine commissioned me to shoot some ad work for them.  Here’s a couple favorites.

Lorec Ranch Ad Barrel Chairs

Lorec Ranch Ad Image of Kitchen Table

Here’s some incredible work in Oklahoma City’s historic neighborhood by Keith Miller.  He lives in Seattle now but had me shoot this awesome American Indian/southwest themed work for him.

Interior design O'Life Photography.

Southwest themed couch and bone seat.

Interior design rose rock theme.

An interior designer from Portland, Oregon had me shoot this Edmond home showcasing her work.  We walked through the home two days before the shoot.  I took images of each space with my iPad to remind us of the look we liked.  I also provide a live look on my iPad of of each space as I’m shooting it so she knew the exact composition of each shot!

Interior Design Lamps On Table

Kitchen Dining Area For Interior Design

Edmond Kitchen For Interior Design Photos

Kitchen Range Close Up

Interior Design Hall Vanity

Foyer Lamp

Master Bed Interior Design OLife Photography

Master Bath Interior Design Edmond

Formal Dining Interior Design Photography


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