Product photography for eCommerce will help you sell more, appear credible and build your brand.  The more shots you have of a product that help the buyer make a decision, the better. No matter how many pictures the product warrants, make ’em good.

Bright, sharp and colorful product photography that well-represent your product or service will help you make more sales.  James Chudley wrote a fantastic article about the value of product photography for ecommerce.  The principles can also be applied to photography for print and web advertising.

More product photography on location at Carlisle Inc. in Oklahoma City.  These photos were taken on “prop shots day” when we specifically wanted to shoot the products being used.  We then shot them without props for the straightforward “this is what it is” shots.  The variety of lifestyle or prop-shots also gives Carlisle writers the ability to better describe and demonstrate their products.  This is a HUGE SEO benefit!  Robust product descriptions that are properly optimized will help your products rank better organically.

Industrial Products In Use

Industrial Products Standard

What’s also great about prop-shots or what’s also called in-use or lifestyle shots is that you can demonstrate size and capacity.  These product provide a visual demonstration AND you can write about the size of the item – in this case carts.  PLUS in this example you can write about the size of containers that can be used with the cart.  Viewers benefit from in-depth product descriptions.  Google loves your product page with lots of relevant information and targeted keywords.

Product Capacity Demonstration

Condiment Container Products

Every product photography job is different.  Each job has different work parameters, the needs of the client varies and the location of the shoot can be in-studio or on location.  Pepetools Inc. of Oklahoma City needed photos of some of their products to keep pace with their competition and the needs of their distributors.  Their products are not big per se but they are heavy and we chose to shoot at their manufacturing facility on SW 34th street.  Here’s a behind the scenes photo and a couple of finished product shots.

Behind the Scenes Pepetools in OKC

Pepetools Machine in OKC


This is an example of spray photography.  There’s actually quite a bit going on in this image…a completely black background on black plexiglass.  A dark background really illustrates the spray volume and density.  I used a old photographers trick to get droplets of “water” to present the waterproof appearance.

Spray Photography in OKC

Here’s a couple of recent product photos for Maker’s Tool Works of Oklahoma City.  It’s a very cool 3D printing machine rolled out for the masses!

3d Printing Machine in OKC

Do you like products on a black background?  The best way to achieve this is to get the look the way you want it in camera with less work done in post.  A product on a black background almost always looks best when shot with a natural reflection, properly lit and shot with black background.

Fishing Reel

I just finished up a project for a really nice Edmond couple – Angela and Jonathan Millican.  They’ve manufactured a great carry case for essential oils capable of holding various sized bottles.  They wanted to demonstrate the carrier’s features, sleek look and durable finish.  We worked collaboratively to get just the looks they wanted!

Essentoils carry case.

More product photography work for Dentcraft Tools in OKC to be used on their website and in their print catalog.

Paintless dent repair products.

Dent repair kits by OLife Photography.

If you sell clear or translucent products such as the bins below and tried to shoot them yourself you know how hard it is to make them look good and be true to their natural colors.  A great camera, great lens and great lighting go a loooong way in helping you get great images that help you better sell your products!

Clear plastic bins by OLife Photography.

Carlisle Food Service Company is an Oklahoma City manufacturer that produces thousands of commercial food service products.  We’re working together to create images for their own website, the website content of their distributors and Carlisle’s catalog.  I shoot all their products at their warehouse.  It’s a lot of work but its fun!

Hot and Cold Food Servers OLife Photography

Food containers.

Beverage servers.

This is a cross-over item I shot for an e-tailer who also sells these items at shows.  It can be worn and it falls into the eCommerce product category.  It’s a really cool hand-made item that photographed beautifully.

Hand made tail apparel.

I shot the leather bags below for an e-tailer based in Edmond.  Three versions – front, back and a look from the top down into the bag so customers can see the bag’s compartments.

Leather bag front Olife Photography.

Leather bag back.

Leather bag top down Olife Photography.

Here’s a concept shot for an Oklahoma City restaurant that sells delicious Mexican seafood dishes and drinks.  COLD. DELICIOUS. REFRESHING!

Cold beer concept shot.

BED, BATH AND BEYOND is going to offer a couple of sets of these rustic wood frames on their website for a client of mine.  Rustic Decor of Oklahoma City asked me to shoot these awesome frames according to Bed, Bath and Beyond’s product image requirements and I was thrilled to oblige!  Now, we’ve got a bigger project to shoot all of their frames according to Amazon specs.  More pics coming soon!

Rustic Wooden Frames

Check out the aircraft landing gear below I shot at a local aircraft company.  I also took shots of a cool engine scope tool that allows them to see inside engines.  See more of my corporate photography services for shooting corporate lifestyle images that describe what company’s do and how their products are used.

Aircraft Scope

Aircraft Landing Gears

An Edmond company with a website called Little Choices Matter sells vitamins and supplements online.  They needed individual shots for their product pages and group shots for thumbnail links to their category pages.

Supplements and Spices

Spice Bottles

An Oklahoma City firefighter has a business selling firefighter tools and apparel.  He sells kits and individual products and wanted to display them together and separately.  He also liked the “disheveled” look of his products and packaging!  Keep scrolling down for more of this company’s product images.

Axe and Ring Display

Box and Tools

Tool Box and Oil

If the finishes on your products are a selling point, you’ll want to make sure they are well-represented.  It’s easiest to see the details of finishes in-person, but when you’re selling online you want your pictures to represent the finishes as closely as possible to real life as shown in these corbel finishes below.

Corbel Finishes In A Group

More shadows!  This client loves shadows on all of his products as shown below.

Dent Craft Tips OKC

He doesn’t like the “floating” look (as he calls it) of products without shadows.  So, as in the group below, he gets lots of shadows in the image plus lots of color and crispness to all the pieces!

Dent Repair Tools OKC

I’ve found a good place to start for most customers is by meeting Amazon product photography guidelines as a lot of manufacturers have the margins to be able to afford Amazon’s commissions.  The mashup of firefighter tools were all shot to Amazon guidelines for the individual photos.

Firefighter Tools OKC

I call the shots below “in-use” photos.  Photographs of the product in use can greatly enhance your ability to sell your product.  It’s the best way to demonstrate the features that make your product better than the competition.  The hook-like feature on the axe-head is an important selling feature of this product and the closeup demonstrates how the axe-head fits securely into a firefighter’s apparatus.

Axe In Use On Apparatus

The next series of products below were shot for an Oklahoma City company that manufactures hand tools for paintless vehicle dent repair.  The tools are used to repair dents from hail, accidents and other sources with minimal to no affect on the paint. The client wanted two things for products on their website and in their catalog: natural shadows and true to life colors.

 Dent Repair Hand Tools

Different products will produce different shadows depending on their size and how they lay on a flat surface.  No matter how large the products, we tried to keep the light source consistently shining from the same direction so the shadowing is similar across products regardless of size.

Black Handle ProductsProducts Showing Various Shadows

Small Product Shadows

Glue Gun Shadow

  The iron products below were made by an Oklahoma City manufacturer of custom vanities, corbels, shelving and legs.  The owner shot a bunch of the products himself which worked well for his own ecommerce website until he grew enough that retailers wanted to sell his merchandise.  He called me to take pictures of all his products and is using them for his website and print ads.

Photo of Vanity and Corbel

We took 4 different photos of the vanities.  Each photo showed a different angle including a closeup that showed detailed craftsmanship.  The more vantage points you can offer the customer, the better.

Photo of Vanity Closeup

Another Oklahoma City manufacturer needed my photography services for his website.  These are large compressor products below that were shot at his plant.

Compressor Station OKC

The products below represent just a few of the HUGE variety of products I shoot for Lumber 2 Home and Ranch’s ecommerce site.  Some of these products have a shadow with the product that helps provide a sense of depth and balance for the viewer.  It’s almost as if you were looking at the product in person.

Photos of Various Products


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