In my opinion, professional real estate photography services are an absolute must for builders, Realtors, home owners, developers and commercial real estate brokers in Oklahoma City, Edmond and surrounding metro areas.  Why?  Simply because you want your properties to look their best.

Great homes should look like great homes.  For builders, your homes are an extension of you and real estate photography should capture the essence of the style of work you do, your attention to detail and quality of your homes.

Home owners, Realtors, builders and developers selling properties should represent their homes as best as possible with day and evening elevation shots, interior photos and unique angles.

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Have a look through homes for sale in the Edmond and Oklahoma City areas on and Zillow and you’ll get an idea pretty quickly about the level of quality of photography out there.

The grand gable on this Edmond home produced a captivating twilight and the overall aesthetics integrated perfectly with the gorgeous landscaping.  A few drone aerials really help viewers take in the scope and beauty of the property.

Edmond Twilight of Home

Edmond Twilight of Pool

Edmond Twilight of Grilling Area

Edmond Twilight with Fire Pit

Edmond Home Daylight

Edmond Home Entry To Dining

Edmond Formal Living Room Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photography of Kitchen

Real Estate Photography of Cabinets

Edmond Living Room Real Estate Photography

Drone Aerial for Real Estate Photography

Edmond Drone of Pool

The golden hour is the time to catch some beautiful colors in the sky.  Timing the photo shoot so the twilight images are the last elements to shoot is important to plan beforehand.  This Oklahoma City listing worked out beautifully!

OKC Golden Hour Photo of Home

OKC Kitchen To Living Room

OKC Residential Kitchen

OKC Master Bath

OKC Colorful Bedroom

OKC Back Porch

OKC Back Porch and Fireplace

 The morning sun in Deer Creek gave kitchen-dining area and living room a bright and inviting feeling.

Deer Creek Home In The Morning

deer creek kitchen dining

deer creek living room

This luxury home on an acreage in Guthrie had an amazing upstairs bonus room.  The lodge-like feel of this space was practically a home within a home!


Here’s a flash painted twilight shot of the Choctaw acreage that follows.  Everything about this property came together beautifully.

Choctaw twilight of home elevation.

I just wrapped up a voiced narration of aerial photography over an incredible acreage in Choctaw.  The owners wanted drone video to show all the amazing features this property offers and we had fun doing it!

2400 S. Peebly from Steve Voelker on Vimeo.

And here’s a few stills of this beautiful home.

Front of Choctaw house.

Close up of entry to Choctaw house.

Choctaw living room.

Choctaw sun room.

Choctaw dining area and kitchen.

Choctaw kitchen.

Choctaw kitchen appliances.

Choctaw study.

Choctaw master bath.

I encourage you to use flash photography.  I shoot with off camera flash for superior results over HDR.  Buyers love real looking images and flash produces sharp, vibrant and true-to-life photos.

FSBO front of house in Edmond.

FSBO in Edmond. Dining room.

FSBO formal dining room in Edmond.

FSBO kitchen in Edmond.

FSBO kitchen in Olde Town Edmond.

FSBO kitchen with fireplace and patio.

FSBO master bedroom in Edmond.

FSBO master bath in Olde Town Edmond.

Front of Edmond home.

Living room of Edmond home.

Formal dining room of Edmond home.

Kitchen of Edmond home.

Here’s another Oak Tree beauty on the market.  This is a combination of drone, still pictures and video work.

Oak Tree House and Pool

Oak Tree Pool Drone Shot

Oak Tree Pool Close Up

Oak Tree Cabana Interior

Oak Tree Back of House Drone

Oak Tree Back Yard View

Oak Tree Balcony to Living Room

Oak Tree Living Room

Oak Tree Formal Dining Area

Oak Tree Formal Living Room

Oak Tree Entry to Staircase

Oak Tree Dining and Kitchen

Oak Tree Theater Room

Drone work doesn’t always have to be video.  Still photos can really enhance the presentation so viewers have some perspective.  Drone images taken of this real estate listing in Oak Tree demonstrate the size of the house, the layout of the front and back yard and how the home sits in the neighborhood.

Drone photo of Oak Tree Home by OLife Photography.

High Definition drone and interior videos take real estate listings to another visual level.  Drone video can give large properties or properties on an acreage an informative perspective for the buyer that they just cannot get from ground level photos or Google Eearth.  This HD video was shot on a large 1.5 acre lot in Edmond.  Beautiful acreage and awesome views!

When shopping for a real estate photographer ask if they shoot FLASH or HDR.  I shoot with flash for all of my real estate photography.  Buyers know the difference because after viewing HDR pictures they often complain the house looks nothing in person like it does in pictures.  I stopped shooting HDR due to poor color accuracy (lots of over-saturation), poor window appearances (hard to accurately see through windows), hard light glare on floors, countertops and tile.  The ceiling and table lights constantly over-exposed, the lights put off orange and yellow color cast all over the image….the list goes on and on.

The difference?  Flash photography on the other hand produces natural and rich color accuracy, softer shadows, good window look-throughs, reduced glare and helps tame over-exposed lights.  If you sell real estate – satisfy your buyers with images that help the home look as good in person as it does in pictures.

Edmond formal dining room.

Edmond living room.

Edmond kitchen.

Edmond master bedroom.

Edmond master bath.

Edmond study.

When you’ve got to show good views through windows, nothing beats flash.  This Edmond acreage had incredible views across the back in the main rooms.  What a selling feature!

Edmond living room in Shadow Lake addition.

Edmond kitchen dining in Shadow Lake addition.

Edmond master bed in Shadow Lake addition.

Edmond formal dining room in Shadow Lake addition.

Flash photography will help vacant homes look their best (with a bit of staging help).  Notice the rich colors, lack of over-exposed glare on the floors and lights that are not over-exposed.

Yukon living room on SW 21st.

Yukon kitchen to living room on SW 21st.

Yukon dining room on SW 21st.

Yukon study on SW 21st.

Staging homes for sale can be a critical piece to selling properties.  When the house is already furnished, the staging process is often easier than staging an empty home.  Here is one of my favorite shoots of an empty home that received some awesome staging work by an OKC company.

Staged living room.

Staged formal dining room.

Staged formal dining room.

Staged living room with fireplace.

Staged master bedroom.

I love shooting homes in Quail Creek.  Vintage designs and unique architecture seem to be a thing of the past.  These images are from a listing by Susan DeCordova at Churchill Brown.  The view of the sunken dining and living rooms is fantastic.  The kitchen has incredible backsplash throughout.

Quail Creek sunken dining and living rooms by OLife Photography.

Quail Creek living room with fireplace.

Quail Creek kitchen back splash.


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